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Trump sues House committee investigating riot on Capitol Hill******

Former US President Donald Trump on Monday sued the US congressional committee investigating the January 6 riot at the Capitol, claiming members made an illegal request for his White House records.

Trump, in a lawsuit filed in the US District Court for the District of Columbia, asserted that materials sought by the House of Representatives committee are covered by a legal doctrine known as executive privilege, which protects the confidentiality of some White House communications.

"The Committee's requests are unprecedented in their breadth and scope and are untethered from any legitimate legislative purpose," Trump's lawyer, Jesse Binnall, wrote in the lawsuit.

Committee members Liz Cheney, a Republican from Wyoming, and Bennie Thompson, a Democrat from Mississippi, said in a written statement issued in response to Trump's lawsuit that the former president was seeking to "delay and obstruct" their investigation.

"It's hard to imagine a more compelling public interest than trying to get answers about an attack on our democracy and an attempt to overturn the results of an election," Cheney and Thompson said in the statement.

Hundreds of Trump supporters stormed the seat of Congress on January 6 in a failed bid to prevent lawmakers from certifying Democratic President Joe Biden's election victory. More than 600 people face criminal charges stemming from the event.

Trump was impeached by the Democratic-led House on a charge of inciting the attack on the Capitol in a fiery speech at a rally earlier that day. He was acquitted by the Senate.

Biden earlier this month authorized the National Archives to turn over an initial batch of documents requested by the select committee. The Archives has said it would turn over the requested material next month, according to Trump's lawsuit, which seeks an injunction halting that process.

Michael Stern, a former congressional lawyer, said Trump's strategy may be to use litigation to stall the select committee's work.

"If he is willing to pay for the lawyers, Trump could delay the production of records for some time," Stern said.

The January 6 committee has also issued subpoenas demanding testimony from Trump advisers, including political strategist Steve Bannon, who has refused to testify until Trump's assertion of executive privilege has been resolved by a court or through negotiations with the committee.

The committee has subpoenaed other officials including former Justice Department official Jeffrey Clark, Trump former chief of staff Mark Meadows, deputy chief of staff Dan Scavino and former Defense Department official Kash Patel.


Chinese envoy discourages action that may escalate situation in Ukraine******


The results of a vote at the United Nations General Assembly are displayed on a screen during a special session on Ukraine issue on March 2, 2022, in New York City.

A Chinese envoy on Wednesday discouraged action that may escalate the situation in Ukraine.

"Blindly exerting pressure and imposing sanctions and creating division and confrontation will only further complicate the situation and result in a rapid negative spillover of the crisis, and affect even more countries," warned Zhang Jun, China's permanent representative to the United Nations.

"We call on the international community to take a responsible attitude, and promote the relevant parties to immediately return to the track of political settlement, and use dialogue and consultation to seek a comprehensive solution to the Ukraine issue," he said in an explanation of vote after the adoption of a resolution on Ukraine by the UN General Assembly.

Stressing that China is ready to continue its constructive role in this regard, Zhang said that China's basic position on the Ukraine issue is consistent and unequivocal.

China always believes that all countries' sovereignty and territorial integrity should be respected, and that international disputes should be resolved peacefully in accordance with the purposes and principles of the UN Charter. Any action by the United Nations and the relevant parties should give priority to regional peace and stability and the universal security of all parties, and should play a positive role in de-escalation and diplomatic solutions, Zhang said.

Regrettably, he added, the draft resolution had not undergone full consultations within the whole membership, nor did it take full consideration the history and complexity of the current crisis. It did not highlight the importance of the principle of indivisible security, or the urgency of promoting political settlement and stepping up diplomatic efforts. These are not in line with China's consistent positions. Therefore, China had no choice but to abstain.

The top priority right now is to ease the situation on the ground as much as possible, and prevent the situation from escalating or even getting out of control. Russia and Ukraine have already held their first round of negotiations. Despite their differences, both sides have shown willingness to continue the negotiations. China welcomes this, said Zhang.

Faced with the highly complex and sensitive situation, China once again calls on the international community to stick to the overall direction of political settlement and foster an enabling atmosphere and conditions for direct dialogues and negotiations between the parties concerned, he said.

The final settlement of the Ukraine crisis requires the abandonment of the Cold War mentality, the abandonment of the logic of ensuring one's own security at the expense of others' security, and the abandonment of the approach of seeking regional security by expanding military blocs. It is important to give full attention and respect to the legitimate security concerns of all countries, and on that basis conduct negotiations to put in place a balanced, effective and sustainable European security mechanism, he said.

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Slovakia held 2******

BRATISLAVA, Nov. 12 (Xinhua) -- Slovakia were held 2-2 at home by 10-man Slovenia on Thursday in Group H of the FIFA World Cup European qualifying tournament.。

Both teams have amassed 11 points from nine games, but Slovakia stay third thanks to having conceded one goal less than fourth-ranked Slovenia.。

The match in Trnava, Slovakia, was not going well for the home team as the Slovenians took the lead on 18 minutes when Andraz Sporar sent a precise center pass through the penalty area that landed on the head of Miha Zajc who nudged it into the goal of FC Fulham keeper Marek Rodak.。

The Slovaks had two solid scoring chances late in the first half, but Marek Hamsik's shot and Lukas Haraslin's effort were saved by Atletico Madrid keeper Jan Oblak.。

FC Cologne striker Ondrej Duda replaced Hamsik in the second half and he tied the game up in the 52nd minute, converting on a penalty kick awarded after a handball by Miha Blazic who was sent off on his second yellow.。

"I am happy about the goal but I would be happier about a victory. It was hard for us to score despite the man advantage. We had some promising opportunities towards the end but the ball didn't go in," said Duda in a post-game interview.。

Four minutes later, Slovenia managed to take the lead again with Miha Mevija's header on a corner kick.。

Slovakia increased the pressure and another substitute David Strelec tied the scores again with a bullet shot.。

Before the final round, Russia lead Group H with 21 points after crushing last-ranked Cyprus 6-0 on Thursday. Croatia are second with two points adrift of Russia after outscoring penultimate Malta 7-1 and keep a chance of advancing to the playoffs. Enditem。

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